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4:55 a.m. - December 12, 2003
Oh my head...yep is the dealio yo...

When Cyclops moved out a few weeks ago I went into the hall bathroom (which I never do) to take down the shower curtain she had in there and replace it with a different one. The one that was in there was all ripped to shreds. Over time that happens ya see. Well when I took it down I saw to my suprise a hole in the sheetrock betwixt the crapper and the shower...Why? I dunno. So I axed Syovar and was informed that the MO FO Hole had been there for quite some time, AND water leaked out of it. HMMM..Me thinks I might have a prollem.

So I email mah landlord and tell her I have a MO FO HOLE in the wall in the hall bath and it needsta be fixed...Unaware of the extent of the prollem...BUT glad I might get a new faucet.

Well I come home yesterday and the house is a smelly dog mess.

And the bathroom is all ripped apart.

But ya see when I looked in there, there was NO walls. The maintenance man had ripped them out cuz the pipe behind had a split in it and had been spewing water all over behind the sheetrock. Thats what made the MO FO HOLE. And man, its stinky.

When I mentioned it to Cyclops she acted like she never knew and said she would be pissy if she was still here and the house smelled like a wet dog. I told her its unavoidable and I was curious when it happened.

I kinda yelled at Syovar cuz no one told me about it when it first started leaking.

Cyclops said that it really was not leaking that they could see, and that the leak was is in the wall. She said you can't see that, so you don't know how bad the leak really is. Then I said well there was water shooting thru that HOLE. What about that MO FO HOLE?

Cyclops said she really never noticed.

How can you not see a MO FO HOLE in the wall??? THATS what I wanna know. I wanna know when that hole happened? How long had this madness been going on? What response? "What HOLE?"

What HOLE? What HOLE? the one between the toilet and the tub in the sheetrock. For christs sake!!! The MO FO HOLE. NO NO Not the seam of the wall by the shower. And even if it was it couldnt of completely happened on its own, it isnt man made,and shouldnt be there and they should have noticed it. If the shower curtain was always over it, and say they never moved from that side of the tub...well that aint right and that splains why there was mildew issues..HELL...

See tho dude it wasnt really on the seam...its a MO FO HOLE the size of a the sheetrock betwixt the crapper and the shower. And water spews from it when the shower is on DAMN.

Cyclops said she disn't ever recall seeing anyting like that. How can you miss it??? It was spewin water like a spout.MO FO HOLE...

So here is the 411, the thug, who used to be our groundskeeper didnt replace all of the stuff when he rigged up the shower (and rigged is putting it nicely). So the nozzle in the wall was cracked and spewing water all behind the wall toward the crapper, all of the suddy, MO FO HOLE.

Well the new maintenance man (who is about as bright as a broken lamp) got in there with a fuckin blow torch and took down the rigged up shower kit and replaced it...Prollem now is that it is WHITE.

I have a question....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? CANT YOU SEE THE PAINT INSIDE THE ENTIRE HOUSE IS EGGSHELL??? Fuck NOW I gotta paint the bathroom...but I cant do it til he is done with the walls and he aint done til next week.

I am gonna go MAD I tell ya...MAD. So I guess I'll go buy some fucking paint and start painting next week. I wanted to paint the kitchen anyways.

MO FO HOLE....Oh my head.

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