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5:28 a.m. - December 12, 2003
Life update
After my hole rant I negelected to mention the biz-o-the-day...

Lets see I met SJ and Britt last was a great meeting. We got alot accomplished and set the groundwork for greatness. Entrepreneurship is kinda cool...I just need money. ***sigh***

Rick called on his way home. he was tired and pissy and wasnt in the mood to come over. No big. I prolly wont see him til next week. He is gonna play golf on Saturday. I can wait.

I am supposed to go to Taps tonight but I am gonna tell SJ that I am not gonna make it. I am gonna actually let Kurt take me out. Why not...??? Cant not do it cuz I wanna sit home and pine away for someone else...Plus he has money and is a pretty good kisser. ***disclaimer*** I AM NOT ABOUT MONEY.

When Sista called me in her drunken stupor the other night she told me she had a man for me. He and I emailed all day yesterday and I guess we are going out on the 23rd and maybe the 26th or 27th when I go home...COOLIO!!!His name is Chris.

Next tuesday Britt is having her Pot luck christmas party at her recording studio..Imma more rockers...YAY!!! I wonder if SJ is invited??? HMMMMM

Okay well the time has come to wash..Ill write more when I do

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