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4:51 a.m. - December 15, 2003
Boob Day
One more full week of work then it is off to vaca...YAY!!! I need a sobatical. Plus me thinks I am a bit burned out.

Vikes lost yesterday. Sucky. They had no right losing. Moss lost the game winning throw...Damn Randy. But I dont really think it was all his fault. SJ showed up to watch the last 1/2 with me...WTF?!?!

I have my appointement with the palstic surgeon today. Im kinda spooked but I think it'll be okay. I figgered if they can finance me then I am gonna do it. If they cant then it wasnt meant to be and I am gonna drop it all together.

Yesterday after football I came home to take my usual nappy. My fuckin phone wouldnt stop ringing. I swear people, call me, leave a message, if I dont call back right away, I am fucking busy...

Speaking of off the hook phone psychosis...guess who popped back up this weekend??? YUP Pop Tart...UGH. Its funny cuz I deleted his phone number outta my cell a few days ago and he went off on one of his trademark text message marathons an friday. I stand with what I said they the guy need serious therapy. His highs and lows are totally out of control. One minute he is being sweet the next minute out of control mean and cussing and shit. He needs an equalizer. I dont recall asking him back into my life so I am gonna ignore him. I am so over the whole thing when it comes to him.

Never heard from Rick last night. he musta been tired when he got home. I am not gonna call him anymore either and see what happens.

SJ showed up at corner office yesterday with his son...thats the second time he brought him around me. It was a total suprise. I didnt adjust my game day activities for him tho. Well with the exception of going to a table to watch the game. When the game was over I left. I didnt stick around..HEY...he told me that he just wanted to be friends. And you know what? As much as I do think he and I could be great together I think there is some deep seeded issues with him and his life is chaotic. I guess I kinda knew it would never happen we are both cappys...but I still care alot about him. We will see what happens.

I talked to Kurt yesterday adn I guess I may go out with him once more, to see if I can be a grown up and get passed the 'incident'. I dont know whta this is all about with me. I mean I usually would NEVER go out with someone again. Esp. this early into the relationship. But what the hell.

I dont know when we are gonna go, maybe after the holidays. We will see. This week is gonna be a mess getting ready to go outta town.

Well I am gonna go download Jet and get ready for work. Ill write about the doctor when I get home. I am sure I will have some thinking to do.


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