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4:56 a.m. - December 17, 2003
Let the OKC Countdown Begin
In one week I will be giving my fam a heart attack. Yep it'll be Christmas Eve and they dont know I am commin still. Should be outrageous.

The guy Sis is trying to hook me up with emailed me last night. I hope he is cool. If he is it'll suck tho cuz I will like him and hafta leave. It'll be cool to have a new friend tho at the very least.

Went to dinner with Kurt last night and he came back over and hung out til like 10. He bought me a Harley Davidson Calendar and a Rose. He is prolly the last of the 'good guys'. I am not used to being treated special...well not like this anyways. He is sweet as hell and a gentleman to boot. I am glad I gave him a second chance. Like I siad there musta been something there cuz that isnt my usual M.O.

SJ called after work to tell me that his teechas didnt revolt last week. (there was some sorta uprising at his school) I had forgotten all about it. We talked about new years eve and such and about how he goes stag...UM so do I...BUT I was plannin on goin with Jill. Thing that sux is Jill wants ta take a date. Yea the crab shack guy from sat night. However if I know her...This to shall pass. She is going out with him saturday night...I do like him betta that 'shallow hal' but we shall see.

Scuba called me at work yesterday...THAT freaked me out. He is damn determined to see me this weekend. I had told him a week ago maybe...but honestly that was to just put him off. Prollem is he wants to throw a 'friend' into the mix and he wont take no for an answer. I am gonna hafta send him an email and set him straight. I just cant do anything til after my birthday. Even if then. I want a boyfriend...not a freak fest. And even tho I love him alot I cant do it right now. I just cant.

I have this Versace perfume and I ran out finally...on the bottle is this little gold chain with a gold disc that says Versace on in. I put the chain and disc on Harley's cage...silly burd is kicking it...he is such a mess. :)

I did forget to mention that I hadta cancel my appointment with the plastic surgeon the other day cuz of my back. I am rescheduled for January 12th...hmmmm...woulda been cool to have new tits for my birthday but then I woulda prolly been in pain...we shall see.

Okay well enuf of that crap I gotta get in a shower. Kurt rubbed my back again last night and I think I feel 100% better.



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