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5:10 a.m. - December 19, 2003
Four Days Left
FINALLY FRIDAY!!!! I am so flipping glad. That means so much more closer to bein able to LEAVE and go on my vaca to the armpit!!! Four Days Left!!!

Last night I went to Hause of Pizza with Kurt then we went shopping and home to watch CSI. He is turning out to be pretty cool. I so enjoy being with him. He leaves today to go up north to see his fam and the go skiing in Tahoe. He gives me good reason to wanna come back. I am so glad I got over the whole diary issue.

I got a new pair of shoes last night. Yea I shouldnt buy myself stuff but I cant help it. They are another pair I have been obcessing over for some time. High Heel sneakers. Shit man I have wanted some since Steely Dan sang about them in "FM". I wanted the pink but Kust said the black ones are the way to go. OKAY OKAY Ill let the pink obcession go.

I am going to Joes Crab Shack with Jill and the boys tonight. Then I am gonna come home and start gettin Christmas shit together. Tomorrow I am gonna finish up my shopping. Basically all I gotta do is pretty much go to Best Buy or maybe Fryes and get CD's and DVD's and I am done.

I have gift exchange with the office today. I went it together with Moc to get the gals and boss their presents. He isnt here so its gonna be a bit of a bore.

Okay I have fucking foreigners popping up on my screen trying to talk to me. How un-nerving. I seriously think I wanna kill them. Do people not understand that is fucking RUDE!?!

I just looked up and the Rose Kurt gave me is still



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