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4:51 a.m. - December 22, 2003
Tomorrow I go HOME!!!!

I dont think I have been this excited about christmas since I was liddle. Ya know when liddle kids see Santa or they get up in the morning and all the cool presents and stockings are overflowing in the morning? Thats how I feel. I cant wait to see my parents face when they see me walk into the kitchen. It is gonna be the best. This definately is going down in the record books as the biggest stunt me and Sis have pulled in ever.

When I get there Sis and Cone and I are meeting my buddy Chris for dinner, we are shopping and then going to the house to wrap my presents cuz I have NOT done that yet. We had talked about going riding but prolly wont have time til christmas afternoon if that. But I have all day friday and all day saturday to screw off and play.

I am getting home sunday AM. SJ hinted at picking me up but he has his kid so I think Cyclops is gonna do it. I get in EARLY. But thats good. I still am gonna have to do christmas with the boys.

New years eve comes up fast...And I think I am gonna hang with the gang at Taps Brewery in Brea. Not sure but I think D is gonna go with me since the crowd had dates and my 'date' or would be 'date' is in Tahoe. :(

Oh well All I can think about is getting outta here and relaxing and having fun with my sister and my niece. When I get back and my pics are done ill post them out there on Yahoo for everyone to see.

I went walking yesterday and had a little time to reflect and think about the future. I know I am not supposed to really do that til New Years, and I will go into deep details later at the appropriate time. But I can tell you that the decisions I have made are gonna be great. Now just to put them into motion.

Also I do wanna add that over next week the entries may be sparse. I'll do what I can to get on here from my sisters but I am not sure how often that will be as I will be busy as hell. So if I dont say it later...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!



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