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3:34 a.m. - December 23, 2003
Outta Here
Well I am outta here today for the Armpit of America. But I can tell you this...I am so ready to go. Tomorrow is gonna be a hoot. And I will try to update as much as I possibly can. Cyclops is picking me up in an hour. Off to LAX and then my flight out is at 7am...I go to Phoenix for a little less than an hour then land in OKC at noon Cali time. I will return on Sunday in time for football.

Speaking of football...Oakland didnt show up for the game against the packers which means not only do the Vikings need to be on their game BUT...Denver needs to kick Greenbays ASS. Shit I really thought we could get to at least the playoffs!!! CRIPES!

Well I spoke to Kurt for a minute last night. I heard from my mum that there was an earthquake somewhere close to SF yesterday. He said they didnt feel a thing. I sent him some emails but he didnt respond yet. I hope he does...

Well I guess I best get my ass in gear. Gotta feed the burds, rats and fish too...

May your days be Merry and Bright...



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