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11:54 a.m. - December 29, 2003
Bored to Tears & Endless Yammer
Bored to tears. Thats what I am right now. I have no motivation or want to right now. I wanna go home. No particular reason. I am sittin here ungoverned but shit I am bored.

There is this guy that works here...we will call him Snidley Whiplash Buttkiss cuz he gotta listen to this idiot ..he will yammer endlessly about NOTHING. I told him 4 times this moring to get out of my office. He is so full of BS it is unbelieveable...he came in here talking about some 80 pound catfish...DUDE I dont CARE. He is a plethera of information..USELESS information..and I think he makes up these ridiculous stroies, convinces himself they are true and then yaps all fuckin day.


So here I sit, listenin to him yammer about some woman who has a billion dollar medical bill. My thoughts? They shoulda just let her DIE so I wouldnt hafta listen to this crap. He just wont stop. I think I need to go kick his ass. GOOD GOD SHUT UPPPPP

Whew he just left..thank you so much.

Big Moc is out today, SJ is off school all week, Kurt is STILL up north. I have no one to talk to. BUMMER

I did make a decision today. I am not going to see SJ play on New Years Eve. I am gonna go to dinner with D instead. We didnt do much last New Years...and the reason why I changed my mind is this:

1. I dont wanna chance getting pulled over alone or with anyone late at night. There is a big ass party after the band plays but I dont wanna go I dont think.

2. Jill got a new man (AGAIN)

3. Britt will have James..I dont wanna be a 5th wheel.

It sux not having a date. BUT I would be with Kurt if her were here. Sure it could be fun hanging when the band is playin but at break I would sit there like a loser and watch Britt and James and Jill and her flavor of the week get it on. What sux a bit is that I asked Jill to go with me...And she just is destined to get a date. So I told her I wasnt going. She didnt seem to care...whatever.

I am still pooped out and I think I may be getting a bit of that stupid cold. Wouldnt suprise me. It was cold as heck in OKC.

Well I better get back to 'looking' busy...sheesh...



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