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4:31 a.m. - December 29, 2003
Home from the Holidays
Well I am home. As great as it was to get away I think it is even greater to get back. Definately do not wanna live in Oklahoma. Well at least not without a car.

I didnt get to see my friend Chris cuz Sis and Cone were too busy layin around. Sis had said we would do lunch with him but that didnt pan out. Oh well.

The fam all busted into tears when I walked thru the door. That was cool and the suprise was huge. I didnt get to spend very much time with them tho. Sis didnt wanna go over there cuz Ma smokes and sis is pregnant. But moms smoking is very yuk. The parentals wouldnt come out cuz its too far to tote the grandmothers. Power struggle you see. YIKES.

We didnt do alot of anything. The weather was kinda crappy and it rained and sleeted a bit. So being outside wasnt really an option.

Somehow over the weekend I busted up my back AGAIN. This time it is my lower back tho. SUX MAJOR. It is prolly from sleeping with clothes and being on the plane for so long. I hope I can tuff it out. My threshold for pain seems to be dwindling.

I am supposed to go out for new years eve with Jill. Sounds like she has a new man from when I called her uesterday. I am seriously thinkin about not going out at all or maybe going to dinner with D and leaving it at that. Everyone will have a date but SJ. And I dont wanna be a wall flower ya know? He called last night but I wasnt really in the mood to chat. So I will feel him out today and see whats up. I hate to say it but I wish Kurt was here to hang with me. UGH he has been up north too long.

Well I am gonna take care of biz and so on and I will catch up more on this later.



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