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5:13 a.m. - December 30, 2003
I Gots a Date For New Years Eve!
Oh happy day!!! Kurt came home from his trip last night. AND I get to see him for New Years Eve...YAY!!!!

The bad news is I think I pissed D off. She and I were supposed to go have dinner and drinks for NYE. When Kurt said we could hang out I asked her if maybe she would wanna go have drinks and dinner us three. She declined. Now I feel bad but I do need to remember she never wants to do anything. I want to see her and I want her to meet Kurt. And I feel pretty sure if she got a date she would ditch me so I am not gonna worry too much about it. I will finish her website this week and be done with it.

Syovar and I did gifts last night. He gave me a DVD/VCR player and the Indiana Jones Trilogy. He is so super. He did too much but I am glad he did...

Now the next order of biz is getting rent and bills paid and then putting my car in the shop to get painted. Prolly the first week in Feburary. I could do it sooner and might if I dont go to Mexico for my birthday. But I am hoping Kurt and I can go. I am having my public birthday party at the Harp Inn on the 9th I think.

Well I better go scrub up and get the hell outta here. I want the day to zoom by so I can see Kurt tonight.



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