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12:55 p.m. - January 01, 2004
Back to the Sweetest Thing!
Okay I am over here goes nothin.

After sitting home last night I am not gonna let myself be so vulnerable anymore. A good defense is the best offence right? I will NOT serve my heart up on a platter anymore just to be struck down. I am going back to looking NOT for Mr. Right...but for Mr. Right NOW and eventually, if he is worthy the NOW part will just fall away...

I called Rick and maybe he and I will get together tonight. I would like him to be my first for 2004.

In the mean time I am going to SJ's tonight. He is having a partay....I am going to pick up Chantel and she and I are going together. Then tomorrow night...The Harp...then Saturday...Chantel's party...Back to what I do. Maybe, like I said before I wasnt meant to be with someone. I am going to redo the revolution again...LOL.

Back to being a Professional Dater YIPPEE!!! Stick with what you know thats what I say....oh and for the record...I am totally following my intuition from now on. If I had this situation would never have happened.



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