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4:44 a.m. - January 05, 2004
Weekend and Resolutions
Well another weekend come and gone. This one was pretty fun I suppose. So allow me to recap:

Wednesday was New Years Eve and I didnt go out. So we will leave that there...(I didnt wanna get pulled over coming home). I woke up to the "email" from whats his face on Thursday. WHATEBA...Then went with Chantel to SJ's and to the Goat.

Friday night I went out with Chantel and her brother Dominic to hear SJ play at the Harp. We had a blast. Soy Boy came and he got ripped. It was great. Dominic is a little HOTTIE...he got a good buzz and I woulda taken him home and abused him but there were a few factors against that...

A. He is Chantels little Brother

B. He is 19

C. I cant think of another good reason

Continuing on friday there was this guy that emailed me on friday thru Yahoo Personals and was kinda nice. His pic was very blurry but he looked okay. SWORE he was good looking (red flag one), Told me about all his money (red flag two), and kept pushing me to go out with him instead of my buds (red flag three). He showed up at The Harp. Now here is the deal...When someone is meeting me out from the net and they LURK around watching me...I want to have them SHOT. I saw him 45 minutes before he ever came up to me. And when he did he decided to ask Soy Boy who I was. Well he was HIDEOUS! His pics musta been from like years ago...ahem...when he was young. Anyhoo I blew him off and he sent me hate mail (to be expected) but he even freaked my friends out. Thats another reason I am not jumping in the sack with anyone right now. I think my freak magnet is working overtime.

Got up saturday morning and messed around then went to Chantels to get ready for her party. It was fun. Me, her, Gina and Dominic all went to tan and I Am burned really back feels like a french fry. I got home about 2am. The party was decent. Not one for the paper like the Yule last year but good none the less. Dominic and I got pretty close to getting nekkid but fortunately people kept following us around and he was totally trashed...I wasnt feeling to bad myself. I knew better too. Damn ya know I am actually getting a conscience.

I didnt do jack shit yesterday. I didnt feel like talking to anyone so I didnt even return phone calls. I slept for the majority of the day and laid around. I got out once to go get something to eat. That was my day...

I am still a 2004 virgin. I think I want my first this year to be more than a drunken encounter. I am going on a get fit regimen starting today. Also I am cutting out the booze for a month too. (I know it doesnt seem like much BUT I am gonna do the non drinking for a month at a time) The only exception to this is this coming Saturday I will have one or two for my birthday. I am gonna lose weight, get my money in control and settle down a bit this year..hell I am gonna be 38 in 13 days...CRIPES!!!

We are all going to Hurricanes for me and SJ's birthdays on Saturday. Since Kurt turned into a FREAK, My Mexico trip is of course cancelled. So instead of winging it and trying to go to Mammoth, I am goin ta get a new stereo for punkin, shop a bit and possibly a new tattoo.

I havent talked to Jill since Wednesday of last week. Boy I tell you my senses have really been off I suppose. I mean hell, Kurt and Jill, talk about true colors. I know the longer it goes without talking to her the harder it is gonna be not to be a bitch when I do finally see her. I mean the least she could do is call when she isnt with the flavor of the week. Gals got issues...THATS for sure.

Its a regular week and all the holidays are gone now. Wonderful Valentines day is coming WHOOPIE. Speaking of relationships, I got a text message from Pop Tart AGAIN. Said he misses me. To be honest, insane as he is, I kinda miss him too. So if he decides to get out from behind the text messages maybe he and I can go out again. Who knows. Stranger things have happened.



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