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4:57 a.m. - January 06, 2004
I gots some BITCHIN to do
Yesterday was a complete bore. Not that mondays are usually a thrill but I mean nada.

I went to work. I got yelled at by Slavedriver cuz me and Moc left early last friday. Now here is the deal. It isnt like we left at NOON. I left at 2 and he left at 3ish. There was no one there. Even the receptionist left. BUT boss says SOMEONE was giving him heat about it...Now I wonder who that coulda been??? Cuz He HIMSELF left at 11. The big bosses were all gone by 1. No one was in the shop it was dark. Fuck Moc couldnt even get his check. Absolutely ridiculous. Ya know next time I will sit there and play solitaire or sleep til 330 and collect my pay for fucking off. Sometimes I am so over him and that place. I dare him to cross me one time too many...Ill slap a sexual harassment suit on him in a heartbeat. FUCKER...

Okay now that is out...I redyed my hair last night back to blonde...SO MUCH BETTER.

Jill text messaged me yesterday wanting to know if I was mad at thought? Well if you hafta ask you prolly know that answer to that question huh? I mean I havent talked to or seen her in a couple of weeks...THEN she has the nerve to tell me she isnt gonna grovel for my friendship??? Fine...I hope your boyfriend works out cuz if he doesnt...well hmmm. I mean I told her that she and I used to talk 3-4 times a day. Lately when we do she never asks me how I am. Well like SJ says...I musta missed the memo that the world rotates around Jill. It makes me sad cuz I was having fun with her but I am not gonna stress about it. NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Poptart wants to get together sometime this week. I will see him but if he thinks he is coming over here just to fuck me he is wicked ass wrong. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. He and I have some issues to discuss before anything happens between us.

I caved also. I am goin to see Scuba next friday. I said fuck it I got the day off so I am gonna go get a stereo in my car (my birthday present to myself) and then hook up with him for an all nighter. I dread it and look forward to it all at the same time. I am gonna tell him that this is prolly the last time. And I mean it this time. One more night of depravation then done...period.

Well I am gonna go get ready to get my face to face butt reaming from boss. I am sure he will be over at our place today. HATIN IT. Tonight I am coming home, walking, then going to bed again. Am I a little pissy today? HMMM seems like it huh? Not really just had some bitchin to do thats all



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