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5:56 a.m. - January 07, 2004
Another Day in the Salt Mines
I am at work. FUUUCK its early here. I hafta come in early for the next three days cuz I have mediation friday with the dumb bitch that ran me off the road. Heres a news flash bitch...I'M NOT CAVIN SO BRING YOUR CHECKBOOK!!!!

I am supposed to go to dinner Thursday with SJ and some of the crew. I think I am gonna hafta decline. The place he is wanting to go is expensive and I am broke as hell. He and I may just hafta wait til the 20th and celebrate alone.

I didnt do shit last ngiht. Went to sell some of my old CD's but they wouldnt take most of them cuz they were scratched. I guess Ill sell them for a buck at a garage sale sometime.

I havent got much planned for tonight either. I thought Poptart was gonna come by last night but come 1130 he was a no show, so I locked the door and passed out. Fuck it.

So anyways since there isnt anything funny or entertaining to write about I guess Ill just sign off for now and pick this up later...toodles



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