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5:54 a.m. - January 09, 2004
Whats UP!?!
Egad this week has been a zoo. Getting up early and being at work at 5:30 has made this week pretty damn long. But I do like coming in this early its cool I get alot done.

I went to dinner with the gang for SJ's birthday last night...we had a stinkin BLAST. It was me, Chantel, Britt, James, Carmen, Mark, Ray, Rian, April, Matt and about 8 more people I dont know. 3 Big ass beers and Saki bommers later, when I was taking Chantel home we got pulled over...EGAD. No thank heaven we didnt get a ticket or go to jail. FREAKIN....I gotta get my shit together. But it was fun none the less and the guest of honor had a blast. We sat at one of those tables that they cook the Jap food infront of you...The chef was awesome...he flipping threw food in all our mouths...I caught 2 shrimp just dead on right in a row...HOW the hell did he do that?

I have court today...well mediation with teh bitch that ran me off the road. NOT looking forward to this, HOWEVER I do get off work at 12 to go so that aint so bad. I will post results of this later...

I am so NOT going out tonight. I need to clean and relax. And I am broke as broke can be.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING to report on the man front. SJ and I are making jokes about how we are 0 4 04 (meaning no sex in 04 yet). Maybe I'll get lucky and get lucky this weekend. Its kinda starting to not make a difference.

I am supposed to go wil Scuba next friday. I am not gonna. I gotta send him the email and let him know it isnt gonna happen now or ever. I dont know how to tell him and not let him be mad so I guess I just do what I gotta and hope he gets past it. Thing is Brandy says he doesnt care about me anyway so it shouldnt make a bit of difference. I think I am inclined to agree on that one.

Well I am gonna close this now..Its right at 6 and I prolly should be working...ugh



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