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4:53 a.m. - January 12, 2004
Blue Monday
Another weekend come and gone without notice really. Friday I did nothing which was nice and yesterday I didnt even take a shower. NICE.

Saturday I went and picked up the Elvis Suit for SJ and went to meet him and his son for lunch to drop it off. That was interesting to say the least. He got a bit of bad news while we were there and kinda clammed up. In the mean time he had called Ray and Rian and asked them to come and so it was me and Ray doin all the talking. I swear nothing (well almost nothing) is more irritable than having to pull conversation out of someone. Sucks the life right outta me.

Anyways, went and met Britt and she and I did a little shopping and went to get SJ his birthday present (a tattoo gift certificate). He wasnt as excited as I thought he would be...I guess it wasnt that great of an idea as he never mentioned it again. She and I screwed around for the most part of the afternoon and then I went home to get ready for the evening.

I have this bad problem of building things up in my head and then being disappointed when it doesnt happen. What I mean is, it was suppose to be a celebration for my birthday too but it seemed like it kinda got overlooked. Not like I was expecting a big production but 'happy birthday' from someone woulda been nice. How it played out was Matt was the only one that said anything. Maybe I was just expecting too much but I didnt even get a card from anyone. Hell last years birthday was much better. I need a redo...and somehow I am gonna do it this coming weekend even if I just go out by myself. I think D and I need to go out.

Anyways enuf whining. I started the official 'no drinking/lose weight' thing yesterday. I walked 3 miles (til my hip hurt) and I went and grilled some chicken and had that for dinner. I need a scale but ugh...ya know?

I have a 4 day week again as I am taking friday off. I gotta write Scuba the letter and tell him we are off this weekend. I been putting that off all damn weekend. I think Ill do it now before my shower. This week is gonna be pretty uneventful as I am a bit broke. Oh I did fail to mention that I settled the lawsuit friday. SO that money should be rolling in just in the nick of time for me to get my car painted. I think I am gonna look at taking care of thaose things i need to like car license, title, and insurance and a cali drivers license maybe. Then just stash whats left. I am gonna focus on getting punkin ready for the nationals and hopefully Ill win this year!!!

Okay well off to write my kiss of letter and get ready for work...whoopie~



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