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5:02 a.m. - January 13, 2004
Its Raining Men...Psycho Ones
What an interesting night last night turned out to be...

I went after work and met SJ at Jaspers for a beverage. He is so cool. He asked me if I would let him take me to dinner for my birthday next monday...SURE! Then he looked at me in my sweats and said..."You need to dress up...I am taking you somewhere nice" How funny. I told him we could do it on Tuesday when we go get our tattoos but he said no and insisted that we go on Monday when he gets home from Mammoth.

Roman had emailed earlier in the day and told me he would be by at 7. I went to bed at 730 he still wasnt here and hadnt called. I told the roomies I was crashing and if he knocked to ignore it. I thought I heard something about a quarter til nine but I had taken many pain killers and passed out cold. No big. I am sure he was coming over to try and have sex and I wasnt gonna fuck him. Oh well. I am NOT the Stop-n-Go for sex here guys...

THEN the real capper of the night...Pop Tart arises again. Fucking Nightmare...well except he did call AND leave voice messages. They were partcial sentences and he never really said anything. He started text messaging the shit outta me at half past eleven and then saying he was coming over and all this crap...I even got a text message that he looked in my window. WHAT A FREAK!!! He wouldnt have seen anything as my window is high, the blinds were pulled and the lights were off...IDIOT. I sent him an email this AM that said I have tried and even attempted to let the past BS slide but he is still making scenarios up in his head and accusing me of shit I didnt do. I told him I thiought he was bi-polar and needed help and not to bother me anymore. I tried...I am DONE.

I am looking forward to a weekend of doing things for ME. Car and fun. I am gonna have brunch with D on sunday and go out with Chantel on Saturday. I think I just wanna scratch last weekend and start over. This week isnt so bad and I am in a pretty damn good mood...well off to shower and get ready to take on the day...


Oh I forgot! The kiss off letter to Scuba...Didnt turn out to be a kiss off letter persay...I just told him I couldnt see him anymore and why...He is so sweet and kind and told me how sweet I was and that he understood and would miss made him sad he said as it did me. Hell his letter made me cry. But I feel better about the whole deal. I will miss him but not the stuff he brought with him.



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