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4:50 a.m. - January 14, 2004
Craziness Abounds
Damn men...Flippin Poptart was at it again...calling and text messaging me last night from 6ish til close to 11 yesterday. When I finally did answer the telephone he went into his psycho-babble with the whole "fuck you, fuck fuck fuck" crap again...He even went so far as to say he came into my house on Monday night and opened my bedroom door...FREAK...LIAR...damn boyz got issuez. He said his dad died...not that I am cruel but I sure would like to see that obit...

Well there is one more day (not counting today) that I get to work before my 3 day weekend. I thinkin a day off for a little 'Vicki Time' is needed. And a little stereo time for punkin of course too.

Nothing real advantageous on the man front. Thinkin about laying low for while. I think my freak magnet is out. I just wanna go dance and dance...Maybe hit Habana and just relax with a Sangria and a snack...who knows.

So I am gonna come home tonight and chill. Watch a little tube...maybe put the burds int he den a bit..Paco is acting all silly nilly ..I think they need out of the bedroom. The seem to act better when they have been out for a bit. The tomorrow...after to buy my new shirt at electric Chair..May go look at stereos...I dunno and then get up friday and go to it. Wow what a week.



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