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5:04 a.m. - January 15, 2004
My Friday ... Not Yours!
TGIF........oh wait....its Thursday...HA HA!! I dont gotta work particualr reason except that I took the day off...well thats a lie I was gonna go to Mexico but NOOOOOO....So I am taking off anyways...fuck it.

Went over and visited with Britt last night. She and James gave me a GC at the same tattoo parlor as the one we got thats a COOL gift...MORE INK!!!! Also she gave me passes for NAMM. I wanna go I gotta call this guy and go get em. VERY COOL.

No word from psycho Poptart last night YAY! Maybe he is gone for good..I wrote him a really long email stressing all the points of his psychosis. Maybe he is still reading it, who knows.

My pig ass boss asked me to go out after work...I declined. He has turned into a complete ass and I dont want to go anywhere with him. Plus Soy Boy asked me first, he is a better friend, and he wont be making lewd suggestions or trying to grope me. Plus, we are going to Habana and Slavedriver wanted to go to a bikini bar...Big Moc screwed up and didnt think fast enuf and he told him yea he would go...HELL NO. And boss was pissy I wouldnt...he said he was gonna take me out for my birthday? Oh hell thre are better places to go than there. Why would ANYONE take a chick like me to a bikini bar for my BIRTHDAY?!? I dont mind going there but sheesh....

So I am taking off after work..cashing my check...paying a couple of bills and going to pick up clothes i bought at Electric Chair...then to Habana and home..Tomorrow I was gonna get a stereo in my car but I am gonna wait a couple of weeks. No big I waited this long huh?

I had a wierd dream that Rodney Daingerfield wanted me to have sex with him...HOW SICK IS THAT? I think it may have come from the fact that I have had no sex this year yet...but you know I am not minding too much...

Speaking of sex...since SJ and I decided that we werent gonna 'date' he calls and comes around alot more than when we were. I need to ultimately get away from any of the feelings I have for him on a level more than just friends. No we arent doing it but you would think from all the convo that we were. He even told me I could come stay at his place while he is in Mammoth this weekend. STRANGE. I do adore him but I realize we cant be together. I just get a little heart sunken when he goes on dates. However I am sure he was dating like this before I just didnt know, ya know?

Okay I gotta go to work...fuckin boss is coming by this afternoon...UGH.



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