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2:36 p.m. - January 17, 2004
Saturday rants and plans
Well here I am sitting mid saturday ... waiting for my metabolife to kick in so I can wake up. I thought I would sit here and tap away about yesterday and what is planned for tonight I feel a bit of a rant coming on.

So I will start with the rant and go from there.

It started thursday after work when I went to cash my check...I was meeting Soy-Boy at Habana and needed to get money on my card...There were all new people working at the check place and the old woman that was trying to help me couldnt figure out the swipe machine/computer and insisted that my cards (all of them) were bad...UH...I DONT THINK SO....TRY AGAIN! To no avail I was not able to get her to deposit my money so I hadta drive all the way across town to pay the cable bill instead of just calling it in...FUCK.

I got my W-2 form work so I called H & R Block and made an appointment to get my taxes done on friday since I was off work. So I rose early and got dressed and headed for the tax office for my 9 o'clocker. And I sat there and sat there and no one came to open the begin the freak out. I called H & R Block and got ahold of the other office down the street and went in to get my taxes done. It isnt like its a big deal since I only have one W2. But you would of thought that I had a shit load as hard as this Les guy made it seem. This old fart couldnt work his computer and when I told him I wanted my instant refund he looked at me like I was a loony. After an hour of going thru this bullshit with this guy they told me I could get 1/2 my refund and hadta wait for the other 1/2. What part of I want it all NOW do they not get. But I was pleasant and said okay gimme whatcha got...THATS too easy...ya see they didnt know how to work the printer. So I sat there for 45 minutes after he was done with my taxes and still they couldnt get my check to print. UGH...this was at 10:45. Finally at 11:15 the lady there persueded me to go to the mall and stuff and she would call me. (cant work under pressure huh?) so I left...Well Long story short...I finally got PART of my refund at 2:00...UGH.

I proceeded to the check place and lo and behold the owner was there...and he got my deposit made while showing the old woman how to do it.

Now comes the cell phone thingy...Ya know I hate my cell phone and the inside charger came loose and I couldnt get it charged. So I said fuck it and went to Verizon and bought a new one. Its a goddamned flip phone but I actually kinda dig it. 90 bux later I am back in biz...

I was supposed to go out with the gals last night but Chantel didnt get off work til really late and by then I was tired and hungry. So I called her and told her i didnt wanna go out. So I went to bed.

I got up this morning and went and joined the old tanning salon I went to when Lisa and I used to go tan. Got the super bed membership and bought some uber-accelerant...OUCH . But I am seeing color already even after 12 minutes...YAY.

I came home and took a nap for about an hour and now I am waiting on Chantel to call me and gimme the Down Low on tonight. We are going to LA....Me, Her, Hylie, Jen..and whoever else. All I know is that I dont care if I get laid but I would LOVE to make out some. Its hard when all the gals you are going out with are fucking tall and thin...but we shall see what happens. I am gonna try not to sit here and get lethargic before 7.

I am supposed to also possibly go to brunch tomorrow but I may take a pass on that. I know I am gonna go tan but thats about it...

Text messaged with Britt alot last night. I guess it was good. I dunno. I do have a date with SJ monday and the tattoos on tuesday...already lookign up to be a great week...esp since boss is out one more week.

Well I am gonna go play some online games and get my shit together for tonight.




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