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5:08 a.m. - January 21, 2004
Tattoo....Round One
Well how about this for disappointment...I went with SJ to get tattoos together and he got his but they didnt have time for me. They woulda if I hadnt been the nice person and let him go first...So I hafta go back at 3:30 to get mine done ALONE. I stayed there the whole time with him and he isnt gonna gome and hang out with me when I get mine done. Kinda crappy but I am not stranger to let down dontcha know. What really sux is that I got there at 4:15 and didnt leave til after 8 and got NADA. However it was funny to see a man flinch. He got his on the inside of his thigh and I had TOLD him that is painful.

SO I am going to get my flames today. Alone or not I Am going. It sure would be nice if I had some comapany but I have done this alone before.

I am gonna cut this short. I could possibly write more when I get home. We will see. I gotta get to work early cuz I am cutting out early. Well only 10 minutes but the slave driver could have a flipping fit.


Oh I do wanna add that as much as I love SJ to death...the more I am with him the more I realize we are seriously not compatible with each other as a 'couple'...this relationship took the right path at the right time...thank goodness.



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