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5:00 a.m. - January 23, 2004
No big plans...But thats OKAY
Friday at last!!! Not that it really means anything BUT at least I have tomorrow off. So thats nice. The week BLEW by. I guess its cuz I was fucking busy all week

So tonight it seems that me and the gang are headed out to Canyon Inn to see the boyz play and smoke cigars...WTF?!? I dunno Chantel is in a silly mood.

So all the girls are dressing up but not me...I am going to 'biker out' tonight. Should be funny. I hate this bar so it'll be fun.

I am starting to get used to my tattoo...even tho its huge as hell. I never dreamed even with my spoutin off that I would have something this big on my back...but the tale is much as it hurts it is addicting as hell. FREAKY.

SO here is the 'DL' on the weekend ...sorta. I am going to Canyon Inn to see the band with Britt and Chantel...then tomorrow, walk and clean up ..go over to D's new place and chill then come home and do NOTHING. Sunday more walking and chilling. I am actually liking this taking it easy crap. And tanning is good too.

I got the papers from my lawyer and sent them back so it should be pretty quick I can get punkin in the shop to get painted. I cant wait I am so happee. And I am so looking forward to the car show. It was a blast with Sassy there last year but this year should be even better...I want the entire enterage' to go.

Speaking of Sassy...I hope she is well. We have lost touch big time and part of that is my fault for shutting her out cuz she got a man. I do miss her but what I dont miss is them pitying me for being alone. Life is good.



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