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5:20 a.m. - January 26, 2004
The Evil Returns
This is gonna be kinda fast cuz I am running late.

Pretty good weekend all in all....

I went to Canyon Inn with Chantel Friday night...I met this guy Smitty...he is a friend of a guy she used to date. I liked talking to him and was hoping he and I could go grab a drink one day..he said yea...BUT..we jammed out before number exchange took place. No big. Must be other things in the master plan for me right now.

Saturday I went to tan and Britt came over in the evening. We went to dinner at Claim Jumper then walked the mall for a bit. I bought candles. Then we came back here and I forced her to watch the sweetest thing with me...OH YEA.

Yesterday...CRAZY DAY...I went to Roscoes with SJ and Lil Man...then the three of us went car shopping. SJ FINALLY bought a Spyder Convertible...he is much easier to go car shopping with than Jeff was...(speaking of the Jew,...I heard he is wanting to trade in his new Jeep and get a vette...I swear he is never satisfied) So I spent the majority of the day with SJ cruising and if we werent together we were on the phone. It was fun, EXHAUSTING, but fun. Too cool running around with him.

Slave Driver comes back to work today. I am dreading THAT like a beating. I think I make myself hate him more and more. I am gonna tell him that I dont like the way he talks to me tho. ANYWAYS

Met a cool guy on the net...UNFORTUNATELY he is on the other side of the continent. He wants to come out. I keep having flash backs from when Burns came out from Colorado when I was back in Texas and that was BAD. We will just hafta see I guess.

Okay off to shower...I am going to Tan and then come home and get it together. I think me and Jen, SJ and Chantel are going out tonight maybe. I gotta find something fun to do tho...



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