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5:04 a.m. - January 28, 2004
Bye to Fly Boy
It is apparant that I ahve not been getting enuf sleep. I cant seem to get outta bed. SUX MAJOR. So tonight I am going to bed early. I tell ya what is pathetic...3 people called last night and left me messages...and all three of them said 'you must be asleep'...dude it was barely past 8 pm...I am a loser...

So ANEEWAY...SJ and I went to dinner at Furiwa last night...YUMMY.He picked me up in the new convertible and tried to let me drive. THAT was a shocker. I didnt of course because hell its HIS new car. He is sweet and I am glad to be able to spend all this time with him.

So this weekend is already shaping up to be a long and hardcore one. We got Manhattan Beach, We got Liquid Lounge and D wants to go out and Chantel has 3 days off...egad its Crazy, And to make it even more nuts of course I am on a mission to see Smitty...This could turn out fruitless but oh well.

Fly Boy told me he was moving out in two weeks. THAT really sux cuz I totally dig having him here. I was in a bit of Panic mode but Britt said she would move in. Thats cool if she does. However just to cover my ass I am gonna put an ad on the net just to make sure. They are transferring Fly Boy to New York and ha hasta go in two weeks. MAn that blow hard core. He was a wonderful roomate and will really be missed....I so hate the moving in and out BS.

Okay well I gotta get ready to spend the day with Slave Driver up my anal canal. Thats gonna be most unpleasurable. I am thinking of givin my skin a rest and not tanning today..but then again maybe not I wanna be a tan beast this weekend. WOOO HOOO...

Okay I am off to wash the crap offa moi...caio



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