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5:09 a.m. - January 29, 2004
I need to regroup
This is the longest freaking week....DAMN...But hopefully a good thing since we start the big party tomorrow night. Chantel has been out every night this week, I cant fuckin do that. OLD OLD OLD.

I am gonna stay home and watch 2 hours of CSI tonight...Sad but true...THEN tomorrow night...PARTAY. Now I dont know for sure whats going on but I know it'll be fun regardless.

I talked to Fly Boy last night and I am really happy for him...he is gonna be a commercial pilot...damn great opportnity for him. He will be so missed. Why do the good roomies always hafta split? I am sure Britt will be great however we do hang together and that could present issues. Now worries tho, she is low maintenance and I love her.

I had slave driver all day yesterday..and I am hoping he stays at South Street today...prolly no but one can hope.

SJ and I are still 0 4 sex no booze. I was telling sis last night he is the best un-boyfriend i ever had. Calls like he is supposed to ...we go out and have fun..just no physical...

So after work today I am gonna go cash the payroll and then off to tan...then home to chill out...Regroup if you will. I dont even wanna be on the puter or tele tonight...I think I may draw and read a bit...In the mean to the grind...



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