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5:21 a.m. - January 30, 2004
Busy Weekend 101
Well I had a pretty decent evening last night. Britt and I went to Claim Jumper AGAIN...had a salad then went on a mission for make up at Sephora. I spent a little on some glitter eyeshadow and some bronze body powder. I swear that place is awesome. I could die in make up heaven.

I hope she is serious about moving in with me. I need a roomate and it just dawned on me I am gonna be out of some cash come the first of march. Ill figger it out. I cant ask Syophar to help out it isnt his responsibility. I paid my 300+ phone bill yesterday...FUUUUCK. That hurt.

So after work I am gonna go tan then come home, throw some clothes in the laundry and then go to Harry O's to see SJ. It should be a good night I am ready to go out and maybe I can talk D into going one night this weekend. I am still on the Smitty mission. I hope that works out.

SJ had a biopsy on his leg yesterday. I was really worried about him. I guess he doesnt worry about getting jabbed and poked as much as I do but I care so much about him that I cant help but worry. Doc said no big. SO I am gonna take him on his word that it is all okay.

Chantel was in a pissy mood last night. Her mom is a NIGHTMARE and when I talked to her late last night she was waiting on her to come to Lake Forest so they could go out and she could go back up to LA with her...I betcha that woman is staying with that fucking Andre the Rapist still. Geez I guess thats the price you pay when you are a materialistic idiot. Okay sorry I got off on a rant about her. I just hope like all hell that she doesnt fucking come this weekend. UGH..I am glad that Heather chick lost her fake ID.

Okay well I better get purdied up and head out. In the mean time I will try to update over the weekend. I do know that SJ and I are spending the day together tomorrow at the Swap meet then Sunday is superbowl and then Liquid Lounge. I love busy weekends but I hate them just as much.




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