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5:42 a.m. - February 02, 2004
My Friends SUCK!
My friends are a bunch of flakes. I swear I am gonna start interviewing new pals.

I was supposed to spend a lot of the weekend with Chantel. We were gonna go to Manhattan Beach one night and then something else the next. But her mom and Hylie and Jen dictate what SHE does...Wait maybe I am seeing this all wrong. No I dont think so. I seriously cant stand her mom so since she is down here it is a good thing I didnt go out with them. That woman is a Trailer Park Prima Donna that talks trash and looks like trash. I would die if my mom dressed like a whore and acted like that woman does. She has some serious issues. Hylie is alright but so insecure and such a whiny windbag. She has the ability to suck the life right outta a room. I dont think I have given her a real chance but its okay I cant be around that shit for too long. Jen is cool but bitches incessantly about driving from Diamond Bar. Dude...if it is too far then fucking MOVE. She also has issues as she is living with her so called 'ex', still not divorced and fucking some other guy. life is so simple. I think my age is having an effect on all this too.

Well I got a call at 6pm FRIDAY that 'they' didnt wanna driva all the way to Manhattan Beach But that they would all go Saturday. Okay fine I am cool with that..then Saturday...NO DICE...they wanted to stay some where close. D and I went and we had a great time.

Then we had all talked about going to Liquid Lounge after the superbowl Sunday night...nope all flaked. I think I may vanish for a couple of days just to see what happens. I mean at least SJ had the courtesy to call and let me know cuz he knows I hate flakes.

Ironic thing is I used to be the queen flake. But I decided that this year I am gonna do what I say I am gonna do. And I am expecting at least the same courtesy from my friends. Well at least I dont hafta do anything this coming weekend. I am gonna stay home sheesh.

SJ and I went to the swap meet saturday and I got new seat covers and floor mats for punkin. They have flames on them....of course....and look soooo good in her.

Britt still hasnt given me a yes or no on moving in so I am interviewing new roomies. I need to know something ASAP and get someone in here. I am sorry but I cant just hold the room without something...I am gonna talk to her today. James mentioned to me that she said that the room was too small. My question?? What fucking difference does it make when you dont even sleep there? CRAP.

Nothing earth shattering to report and nothing major coming up this week. All I can say is I am running late AGAIN! wooo hooo...Sorry for my rant ...maybe I am teetering on PMS???




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