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5:18 a.m. - February 04, 2004
Hump day?
I got a little carried away with lyrics yesterday. However both those songs spoke to me so I figgered what the hell.

I am still a bit on a funk. But I feel better i gave myself a facial last night and deep conditioned my hair. I swear my hair is so fuckin wierd. It lets me know if it hates a shampoo and the really expensive crap i bought..HATED IT...back to pantene...stick with what works right?

Me and Cyclops may go to Clearman's Northwoods Inn tonight. I havent had a big steak in a long time. But again I may blow it off and go tan and come home. Fuck I dont know.

Chantel called last night and wanted me to go to Dana Point with her and a bunch of people last night. NAH...I passed. I am still feeling yuk and am not too social.

I did let her and SJ and Britt know that my environment was unsatisfactory and I wasnt getting what I need from my social circle and the rut I am in extends way beyond just me feelin like a fat ass. I think they both understood now to see some results.

I do feel the funk subsiding a bit. I think I am stressing over a roommate and general crapola like that. I defiantely need some new players in my life. So maybe this week Ill go get them. I am gonna see if D wants to go out.

In the mean time I am off for another day in the trenches. I gotta locate my resume...UGH, I lost the disc I think and that is NO GOOD. Oh well I can redo it...Not a big. I defiantely need a new job or another easy one to supliment my income. I can tell ya I dont wanna work two jobs...but WTF?!? I have no social life right now.



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