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4:45 a.m. - February 05, 2004
Shift Change Delimna
So I am up wicked early. Moc and I are trying the new "schedule". Ya see the PTB told us that we had to stagger our shifts. WHATEVER. So one of us hasta come in at 6 and one at 8. He is giving the 8:00 shift a try today to see how traffic is. I told him and slave driver I wanted the 6 am shift but Moc is throwing a fit cuz of traffic and since I am the fucking peon low man on the totem pole I get NO SAY SO in what shift I get or want. Slave Driver did the same thing to me at the other facility too. I threw a fit cuz I get no say so or traffic for me or any of that isnt taken into consideration. I just get the left overs of everything. Kinda sick of it. However I think I am gonna go in and tell Moc that I want the 8:00 shift and stick him with the fucking getting up at 4 am. It kinda sux actually. And when he starts bitching then I am gonna let him have it both barrels. He thought I was mad at him and in a way I was. But it really wasnt him it was just the fact that I get treated differently than the other employees in my department. But thats OK. I am gonna slam boss with a law suit for sexual harassment one day and watch his head spin. Then he can pay me and stay home and play with those wretched children of his.

I wanna get outta this place but my benefits just kicked in and it sux not having them. I just need more money. But hey thats a given.

On a different note: Roommates. Flyboy leaves today and I am sad. He was loading up the uhaul yesterday. SUX. I did talk to a cat in Chicago last night that I really like. He is going to hairdresser school at Paul Mitchell and I think he would be a good fit. Britt still hasnt said yea or neight and I need someone in on or before the first. I cant afford to let the room sit empty. Plus I think she might make me a teeny bit crazy when she is home. I dunno we will see.

Okay I now have 30 minutes before I gotta jam so I will write more manana...

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