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4:32 a.m. - February 09, 2004
Here I Go Again
Weekend Update...................

Friday night...D and I went to see Mark at Rockin Taco. The band was off this weekend so we figgered WTF?!? It was cool. I wore the tattoo shirt..makes for getting thru a crowded bar pretty easy. R came by for about an hour after I got home to visit. He's a sweetie. Been hanging in the shadows for 3 years...gotta love the man.

Saturday I did a whole lotta nada. Then I met Britt and D at the block and we took off for Clearmans for cheese toast then back to see the new Owen Wilson movie. We love him ALOT. ***MOVIE REVIEW*** Big Bounce is odd...reminds me of a remake of an old twisted Hitchock flick. If you LOVE Owen (like D and I do) then go see it..If not I recommend waiting for the rental.

I stuck around here yesterday with the exception of going to tan. Mostly spent time on the net talking to Fixx in Singapore. He will be here after the 21st-ish...I hope. I think it is gonna be a great thing. I know I get a little wacked out over guys and shit but something inside tells me go for it. I mean hell its only 3 months unless we want more right? If he shows..we will see huh? At first I was a little thinking it was more of a net game...but now not. He seems totally serious and I am too. Just gotta work out all the hitches, (visas and stuff). He seems to know more about that than I do so I guess its all good. I just really hope he is serious.

In the mean time I will be focusin on the main issue at hand ME. Not really into dating or anything and I need to get the roomie thing resolved. I can say at this point I have 'issues' and KNOW its true. Nothing that is so major it wont work out but issues none the less.

I feel myself becoming a little mental lately. I dont know what that is all about. Its kinda scary. I do know the full moon seemed to be a little longer than notmal. Maybe I am getting radiation from the 'puters. But it seems like my mind is racing constantly and I cant make it stop. Its maddening. I need to slow down a bit I guess. But I am not doing that much of anything. Maybe I am staying too plugged in? If I take a break form my online world I am afraid I lose contact with my life. I think I need help...or a distraction. FIXX GET HERE WILL YA!?! Lets be the Wild Angels!



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