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4:53 a.m. - February 10, 2004
The Boss Man Cometh...Maybe
I am not really looking forward to this day. I have this dying fear I am gonna be with Slave Driver all day and if he touches me I think I might just snap. Seriously. I am gonna tell him that I am really pissed that he told me I was BUTCH. I am as butch as he is gay. Fucking Jackass. I am truly disliking him more and more and more every day. Like I said before..he has different rules for everyone and I am the scape goat. HATE IT. I am kinda starting to dig my job ...when he isnt there.

Started arranging my life to make room for Fixx to come here. I talked to Syovar and he is okay with it. I also talked to Britt and when and if he comes he can work with her. As soon as I get my money I am ready. Nerve racking, but I am. He wasnt online last night which sucked cuz I wanted to talk to him. I am scared he wont get on the plane and Ill be out a grand. I guess thats a chance I gotta take. I may be getting too jacked up on the whole thing ya know? Seems too easy. But oh well we will see. Ill tell ya this much, I cant think of anything else right now.

Suz came over last night and I took a computer test for her so she can get a job. I dont think that was a real good idea cuz if she gets a job they are gonna be expecting her to do what I did. Oh well not my dealio. All I know is I gotta find my fuckin Resume disc.

Today all I have planned is to go tan and get home and possibly clean a little. Or not. Got the new roomie thing happening. His Name is Mike and he will be here in a couple of weeks from Chicago. He is going to Paul Mitchell. I think he will be a good fun addition to our home.

Well I guess since I gotta gas up this am I should be getting my shit in gear. I dont wanna go to work today. Oh well, I can be a lazy ass this weekend.



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