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5:21 p.m. - February 11, 2004
Freaks and a Random Rant
Lets talk about the wierdness I encounter on a daily basis..and I use the term 'daily' loosly as it seems to be more hourly but sporatic.

First I go to Savon to get a Red Bull this morning and there is this old geezer in the parking lot, shuffling around, looking at the ground. I noticed he had on some damn tidy tennies. He wasnt moving very fast and certainly wasnt watching where he was going. I went in to cash a lotto ticket whch they wouldnt do becuz it was before 7am (WTF?) so screw it i just bought my Bull and split. I come to the outside of the entry door and here is the old Geez bumping into the wall, bouncing back a liddle, and moving forward again to be rebounded by the wall..over and over and over and over...remember those liddle wind up toys that would go forward and rebound off the walls? Well this one had a heart beat...the thought crossed my mind to check him for a medical bracelet...but NAH...I went to work.

Next thing. I am coming home from tanning and there is this Asian woman in the minivan next to me on Redhill..and she is wearing a full face fucking motorcycle helmet. (again WTF?!?)

What is wrong with people? Sis said I should move somewhere that people are normal. I asked here where that would be??? Silence...UH HUH.

A dood that had been asking me to meet perused parts of this diary and informed me of it today. Pretty much told me he was done messing with me in not so many words. OKAY...geez ya know there mighta been a reason I never returned any calls? HMMMMM...No harm no foul and definately an easier way to find out that it aint gonna work instead of going thru and excrutiatingly painful evening.

Look if your gonna delved into THIS crapola, my brain in prepared...and I hope with all hope that all these people dont think I am sitting home waiting on them to call insignificant as it is...I do have kinda a life and things happen to me and I have emotions and shit like that...blah blah blah...fuckers...

Well odd for me to write in the evening..pent up all this has been I guess. But I am gonna go out this weekend and do for me...D wants to go it again so there ya have it...



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