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5:01 a.m. - February 13, 2004
TGI Freakin F!
I feel like I been beaten up today. I slept pretty good I guess I slept hard. Its wierd I wake up feeling like I have been dragged behind a tractor. The thing that sux the big one is that I didnt do anything to make myself feel this way. If I had then I wouldnt be bitchin.

Goin out with D tonight and tomorrow night. Should be cool. I am going to Liquid Lounge this weekend even if I go it alone. Fuck It. Yea I need some new friends with the same interest as me.

No word from Fixx...didnt expect there to be I guess. PAR.

Went to Second Spin after work yesterday and bought ALL of there Enuff Z Nuff cds and Faster Pussycat...which are uber hard to find ya know?

So SJ told me last night he isnt 0 4 04 any more. Looks like he won on the drinking but I won on the sex...thank the gods that game is OVER. But I am still gonna not drink so much.

The new roommie emailed me yesterday and wants a faxed copy of a bill and for me to talk to his mom...WTF? This guy gonna be more trouble than he is worth I am thinkin. We shall see I suppose. Fuck dude just get here and get over it already. I just need someone in the room and I thought he would be cool. I am startin to get a bit annoyed here. UGH.

Okay well I guess if I am gonna get a smoothie before work I best get my ass in gear huh? Ill try to jump on here this weekend...



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