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6:10 a.m. - February 16, 2004
Monday Monday
So I been on the Pretty Boy Floyd website and making friends so I can go hang with them at the shows in LA if my friends all flake and I know they will.

I asked Chantel to go but I would really rather Suz go. SHe is the only one that really 'gets' it.

They seem really cool thse guys with the band esp. Bobby. SO we will see what happens between now and then.

I was online with Fixx last night for hours. MY back was killing me when I finally passed out. He expressed some of his concerns about coming here and hopefully we worked thru it a little. Like I said before time will tell.

Today I start my new hours at work. What a pain in the ass. And it is gonna suck being there alone for 2 hours but I can screw off or get caught up so no big I dont suppose. Ill get used to it. At leasr I can stay up later and sleep a little longer in the AM...Moc cant. HA HA HA. He picked it.

I am on another lyric kick so please bear with me. I get like this when I have Faster Pussycat on the brain ya know?

Oh and for the record I did NOT go to Liquid Lounge last night cuz I stayed home talking to Fixx...



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