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6:26 a.m. - February 18, 2004
Non-Condusive Lifestyle
I just dont know about these new hours...fucking ruining my perfect schedule. Oh well.

I was told last night that my life style is not condusive to a 'relationship'. You know who told me this...POP TART...Oh for the sake of all thats holy...he is an energy the life outta me. I dont know why I even talked to him. I think he was wanting to come over and I didnt ask him...HA. Sorry I am not your breeze by sex puppet, forget it.

And another thing....FUCK being Non Condusive...Someone out htere somewhere likes the same shit I FUCK all of ya that think I am non condusive!

I missed Fixx online 2 times yesterday ...shit shit shit shit. I hate him being over there.

On a brighter side tho I am meeting some new peeps on the PBF website...too bad none of them are out here in California. I feel like I am sitting alone in an arena ya know?

Britt said she was up to goin to concerts with me but it hasta be when she is free...HMMM...let me call the bookies and see if they can redo all the bookings...ugh...well at least she is trying right?

I dont know if I am gonna go see SJ play this weekend...the no would be cuz they are at Canyon Inn...the yes would be cuz Smitty might be there...fuck I dunno I think I may just stick around here.

I am coloring my mop tonight...contimplating one pink streak...Ill keep ya posted...



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