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6:20 a.m. - February 19, 2004
Rollin Along
I can not remember a time when my computer was so FUCKING slow...Im goin insane. Its taking like 5 minutes for a fucking page to load. I gotta get some of this music off of here I think...bastard thing.

Remember I said that I have met some cool peeps on the PBF website...Well yesterday I talked to VITO...he is in Jersey..but Fabulous all the same!!! I think I may take him up on his offer and go to Jersey for the PBF show later this year.

Talked to Fixx for a couple of hours...I think he still doubts me getting him here...he fluctuates...ill give him some time..Prollem is I should be getting that check like soon and I needta get that ticket before I blow that grand...

I think when he gets here all will be okay...its just getting him here thats a prollem. It'll work out.

ANyways I am beginning to really look forward to the PBF show. I am getting good emails from people and getting aquainted with some so-cal peeps...I am thinking I have no problem going all alone...

So the plan tonight? Color my hair and do my nails...I am thinking a black streak in my hair? I dunno I have done some wacky shit to it but why not ...I wont go wacky like I did with the pink...just one streak...we will see.

Okay Im gonna shower...and go to hell..oh wait work...ahhhhhhhhhh



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