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6:04 a.m. - February 20, 2004
Money and THINGS
I love fridays...Rain or not...

Great news!!! I get my fuckin check today for my settlement. I am going to go to the lawyers and pick the mutha fucker up...THEN...I am goin to the banking place I go and spin off on those jack holes...then go tan...then maybe buy myself something. I am gonna open a 'reserve account so I can hold on to the money til Fixx is ready to get his ass here.

Then I am gonna go get a stereo for punkin and then put her in the shop in monday or tuesday to get painted...YAY!!! I was up all night thinking about MONEY...I hate that.

I put the black streak in my hair last night. I am kinda diggin it. I am sure its only cuz I am in Uber-Glam mode. HA HA.

SO here is the rev up for the weekend...Tonight I got shit to..ya know check cashing, tanning, maybe pic up some groceries...shit like that...

Tomorrow...the gas company is coming by the house and one of us needs to be here. BUT I am getting up and going to Tan then to Best Buy and get a stereo for punkin. I am gonna drop her off and have Syovar pick me up. Then in the early evening Britt and I are going to dinner then to Canyon (UGH) Inn to see SJ. e is acting wierd and I havent seen him in 2 weeks so I best get out and go. Plus he wants a Pretty Boy Floyd CD so I gotta take that to him.

Sunday...I gotta tan and then prolly clean..I am gonna go do some car shop shopping and...I AM GOING to the Liquid Lounge. I am gonna try to get Chantel to go...whatebba

Had anotha damn good day talkin to Vito yesterday...bantering with the freaks on the PBF website and just basically being a freak. As exhausting as it is to be in this very 'switched on' mode I love it. Ever since I channeled that energy two weeks ago i feel like I am gonna pop. I may do it again tonight. Its like being on coke without the drip ya know? OH YEA MAMA LIKES!

I have a couple of "things" I wanna rant about:

First: The gas company is WORSE than the cable company...WTF?!? Customer service my ASS. Thy needta come out and fix my gas leak...I have no heat in the house at present and they can only schedule a saturday appointment...but get this crapola...Between 7 am and 8pm? Fuck even the cable demons can narrow it down.

Second: Pedestrians...california LOVES them..I personally HATE them. Get a GODDAMNED car and get the FUCK outta my way. Here is the rule...see Peds have the right of way...and if they are headed to you and you are in the right hand lane wanting to turn on red...and they have passed the midway point (the median) then THEY can run into your car and SUE you for running them over...EVEN if you are in fuckin PARK. And these jack offs malinger across the hurry, no worry. One day Im gonna go wack and just run over them like its a video game.

Third: The manager at Savon Drugs is a miserable bastard..No matter what time he is workin. He just needs to die OR find another career path. Plain and simple. Oh and speaking of Savon...If you are shoppin there and cant make up your mind...DO NOT be like those old women at the casinos taking up a whole row of slot machine so no one else can play...Get out of my way...let me get my shit and then you can camp out infront of the nail color OKAY...FUCKIN MOVE!!!

I just have no time for idiots. Plain and simple. Okay that being said I am gonna go get purdy...



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