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3:35 p.m. - February 20, 2004
Love Train
Come along, come along,

There's a party tonight.

Have a laugh, sing a song,

Ain't no critic in sight.

Any time of the day,

Yeah it's always alright.

You can bring anyone,

It's an open invite.

If the world's got you down

And you're dealing with pain,

And the pressures of life

Take it's toll on your brain.

Come on into the light,

Come on out of the rain,

If you're looking for something

Where nothing's the same.

Yeah the tickets are free

But you still gotta pay,

Admission price is love

On the love train.

We'll ride around the world

(get on the love train).

Get every boy, get every girl

(get on the love train).

We'll take a trip around the world

(get on the love train).

We're riding on the love train.

There's a smile on the face

Of everyone that you see,

There's a cocktail car

If you don't want iced tea.

There's no locks on the door

So you don't need no key.

And you don't need no money

Because everything's free.

As we roll down the tracks

With the sun on our face.

We ain't moving to fast

'Cause we ain't in no race.

Yeah, the groove's gonna last,

It'll show on your face.

Feel the love in the air,

It's all over the place.

Come get piece of mind,

It's a wonderful thing.

Come on and take a ride

On the love train.



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