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5:59 a.m. - February 23, 2004
OH I am Tired ...But I LOVE it!!
I am fucking TIRED...If I am gonna go out on Sundays I need to get my ass in gear. What a fuckin BLAST we had (well I did). It was like being back home at the Basement or On The Rocks. I love it. I found my new place...Liquid Lounge on Sundays...the music is the best...great fit for me...

I dont know if Chantel and Gina really liked it, they said they did but who knows. They still said they were going to PBF with me so thats good.

I think there might be an intervention brewing. The gang says I am on the net way too much. (Is 12 hours on a sunday too much?) Hey Im not doin drugs right? And I dont smoke...SHIT i was workin on this fuckin site and playing in My Space...I guess its hard to understand if your busy shopping at Prada and Versaci and eating Sushi...gak. Hey we all have Vices right?

I didnt get to talk to Fixx all weekend. I hate it when we dont hook up. I hope he gets online today. We need to pin this trip down.

I am gonna go to work today even tho I feel like CRAP and sometime durin the day call the shop to get my car painted this week.

I cant believe I was drinking Jack last night..I must be insane...However we made new friends and got VIP to the bar so thats awesome right?

I wanna send a shout out to my sweetness Vito in Jersey...I missed you this weekend baby...and to my friend Kirk in Minnesota...GO TO LYLES...Dude stop dickin around and GO...Trust me...Hennepin thats the street okay? GO.

Damn I need a bath...PEACE!



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