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4:55 a.m. - February 24, 2004
Paintin Punkin
Spinnin and Spinnin..My Life is OUTTA CONTROL right now...Its all about music and I bitchin? FUCK NO!

Took punkin in to get paint and body work done yesterday. Dude loved er so much he is givin me 3 stage paint and body work (ALL the door dings and car cancer the hood), and he is painting all the black stuff on her for 800.00. He showed me the guesstimate and it was close to 1700.00 before he discounted everthing. Now is one of the times when having big tits and being cool pays off I guess. LOL...And DAMN I am cool. (humble moment) He was kinda Groovy this Rob the car guy...maybe a good friend to have ya know? Might want flames OH YEA! I can tell you this however...with all I Am getting done to her...Damn car just jumped from a 2k get me around to a 15k show car..OH YEA!!! Take THAT you mutha fuckers that think I am ridiculous when it comes to my punkin.

I think I needa rent a wreck. Oh yea. Poor Syovar is tired of running me around and I hate imposing on peeps. SJ said I could use his car but I think I feel wierd about that.

Moc wants to borrow 800 bux. I dont wanna loan it to him. SO I gotta let the big guy down. I hate that but I dont like loaning moneys.

I am making all kindsa cool friends thru PBF and my space...Rica is comin in this weekend. I dont know that I am gonna wanna go out cuz next weekend is PBF. I think I may just wanna stay home and chill and look at my beautiful car. We will see tho the week is young still.

Havent been able to hook up with Fixx. I have gotten messages from him but our hours are opposite right now and I did unplug for the night last night. Hadta rest.

Well Soy Boy is pickin me up so I Am outta here...Goin in early...Whoopie! Fucked up week schedule wise...



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