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4:33 a.m. - February 26, 2004
Rain and my WTF Moments
Kinda sick of the rain. SERIOUSLY.

I dont know what is worse. Not knowing where this rain came from or not knowing when it will end. Oh well upside is I dont hafta worry about getting in a wreck...HA!

Had a couple of WTF moments yesterday. Number one was when I got out of the shower. I looked in the mirror and saw these huge bruises all ove the back of my left leg. Looks like I got pelted with baseballs. CLUELESS. I mean I dont mind bruises if I get them during an activity I enjoy ya know? But DAMN...I wonder if Jack had something to do with this?

Second...When I get dressed in the AM i really dont pay alot of attention to my underwear ...of course unless I am goin on a date and underwear choice is VERY crucial. But for work? Who gives? Anyway, I went to the restroom yesterday and noticed my undies had writing...these little like street signs...***disclaimer*** they were onsale and the style is cute OKAY?***. Well I really LOOOKED at the signs...and they said shit like "toxic", "radioactive", "hazardous", "fallout", "danger"...get the picture??? No fucking wonder they were on sale. Okay they gotta matter how cute they are.

Moc is still not talking to me yesterday...slammin stuff around and just generally being pissy. I was gonna see if he wanted 1/2 to borrow but shit I will NEVER do anything for him. He is the one that is miserable not me. Fuck it. Lost cause Im thinking.

I am so ready to get my car back. This week hasnt been so bad but just knowing I cant go do anything kinda sucks ass. However I dont want it in the rain. I needta check the weather and see whats up for this weekend. I am gonna go spend Saturday in LA so I hope the weather is decent. Gina and I are going out this week and next week. Oh its gonna be FUN!

Well I was late for Soy Boy yesterday so I guess I better get my rear in gear and get cleaned up. If anything great or not so great happens Ill add to today...

Rock On!



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