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8:39 p.m. - February 27, 2004
My Beautiful Punkin
I got Punkin back today!!!!

She looks like a totally different car. So beautiful. When I get my pics developed I will post them. I started crying when I saw her. I love my car SOOOOO much.

I didnt go to work today...the rain caused my arthritis in my hip to hurt and I honestly was a bit peeved at Moc. His silent treatment is out of control and Im am here to tell ya that his attitude sux and I am gonna get in his facde next week if it doesnt stop. His mommy gave him money so he should get the fuck over it.

Tomorrow night Gina and I are going to the My Space party at the Key Club in LA...Should be a blast.

I am gonna go and chat with some buds....I have a breakfast date in the Am so Ill post after that and tanning...

LIfe Is Good



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