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8:01 a.m. - February 28, 2004
The Greatness of my Life
Lets talk about the coolness of my life. I know I bitch alot..and with good reason for life ROCKS!

I have a pretty cool group of friends (even those they are lame alot of the times), A beautiful car, Great roomies, and great pets. All I need is a great man to add to the mix...

Now here is the deal with Fixx. He hasnt gotten his visa straight. And he is dragging his feet. I am tired of waiting. This has been goin on forever and it seems to me its alot of talk ya know. And I honestly dont think he is gonna be able to pull it off. I wish but it may not happen and thats fine..I accept whatever the PTB deals me ya know?

Now there is this web site I been playing on calle My Space. Wicked cool. I have met a shit load of cool guys and made some new friends I think. Gina and I are going to a party tonight the website is hosting in LA. I think it will be off the hook and lots of yummy manwiches. A new friend I met Jeff, (yet anotha) is going to meet us there. He is HOTT. Long blonde hair, and very cool. He has an African Grey. We have alot in common. Maybe too much. We will see.

So I am gonna finish getting dressed and go tan, to MJ designs and petco. Then head to the City of Angels...

Yummy fun.

Rica is supposed to be by to get her shit today. HMMMM. SHe called and said her bladder infection may make it so she cant..UHM NO. Unacceptable. I called and left her a message that she MUST be here to get her stuff today. Period. I have to get room ready for Michael to move in and stuff I can not wait another 2 weeks..NO NO NO. She is prolly pissed but hey...SORRY. Her shit has been here since november. Crap. Come get this shit.

I may go have coffee with this guy Paris later this morning..He is yummy too. He has "Rock Star" tattooed on his knuckles...***sigh***

Life is Good!



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