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6:37 a.m. - March 02, 2004
So I am supposing that the silent treatment will go on in my office forever. Which is fine. I suppose silence is a better option than the consistant debating and argueing I used to get from Moc. It is too bad tho, cuz I did like him. A little. Oh well back to being a ghost in here. Cest La Vie.

Weekend was fuckin great...I didnt recap earlier cuz I been busy as a one arm man in a ditch digging contest. So here goes...

Friday nothing..stayed home...

Saturday I got up and did a few things and then headed to LA to go hang with Gina. We went to the Key Club to the My Space party. Nader went with us and it was cool. I met this guy there that I had been talking to on My Space named Jeff. He has an African Grey Parrot so we have alot to talk about. He is wicked cool. We got along great and I ended up crashing at his house sat night. Then Sunday Gina, Nader and Jeff all camedown to the OC to have BBQ at my house then we went to Liquid Lounge. I knew Jeff would like it cuz he has the same taste as me music wise. So we hung out there and got pretty ripped. Jeff stayed over and Gina and Nader went back to LA.

Jeff came over again last night to hang with me and the burds...I like him..he is very cool and I think there is a crazy connection with him.

So this week is the Pretty Boy Floyd concert in LA. I am hauling ass up there thursday to get ready to go and then I am planing on spending the night in LA cuz I took off work on friday. There is no fucking way I could go to work on friday, seriously. I think its gonna be nuts. And a lot of fun!!

As I said before I got punkin back and she is beautiful. The problem is that I have a MAJOR brake fluid leak. Yesterday I put Brake Fluid in before work, at lunch and before I came home. I figger take 'er to Pep Boys and get 'er done. I dont wanna die ya know?

SO not ita the master cylinder and the front brake hoses. Gonna run about 200 bux. But I say thats better than crashing right?


I hadta tell Fixx yesterday that I dont have the cash to buy the ticket for a flight right now. If I hadnt had to fix my car then I coulda but I really needed that done. I really wanted him here and I wanted to do this along time ago. He drug his feet getting Embassy info and now my hands are tied.

Well there is the toned down version. Tonight is laundry and chillin. Same as tomorrow. I need my fucking ebay shit to come...DAMMIT!!!!

So I am gonna go clock in and be ignored! Woopie



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