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5:34 a.m. - March 04, 2004
Well here we go....Pretty Boy Floyd Concert at CLub Vodka tonight!! YAY!!! Me and Gina, Nader and Jeff are going. Its gonna be a blast. They dont know the band but I dont care...I do and I love em. The thing I am so excited about is getting to meet everyone finally.

SO this is gonna be short as I gotta get packed

I am staying with Jeff tonight. He is so cool. I like the way things are going but I am not gonna talk about it and jinx it.

Oh and I lost a hubcap off punkin yesterday...fuckin SUX!!!

Moc still not talking to me. And Slave Driver thinks that I need to tey to make up to him...FUCK THAT!!! He started this shit. NOT ME. He can carry on being a jackhole...If he doesnt apologize I am not gonna talk to him EVER AGAIN.

ANyway 'nuff of that shit..I got a party to prepare for!!!




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