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8:09 a.m. - March 06, 2004
Shameless Reviews...Pretty Boy Floyd..Club Vodka
Okay so its saturday and lots to report...

I slept almost all day yesterday recovering frm the PBF concert. They were AWESOME!!! The club however...SLEEZY. Unless someone I really love is playing there I can never go back and not worry about it. I am stoked about the 19th show and I am thinking Gina and I may go alone to that one.

Vito had sent me a 5 dollar bill for Chad and that was kinda funny. Chad was stunned when A stranger (me) walked up to him and said "I got something for you". He thought I was from NJ..HA HA HA NO. I let him hear the message from Vito on my cell and let him call and leave a message. It was cool. Gina and Nader left before PBF even came on...wuss'. But sweetie, stuck it out the whole night with me and then we went home and was great.

Some Fotos....Here is Steve Singing to ME!

Here is Chad Jammin

And here is Sexy Lesli...YUMMY

I got home yesterday about 10am and got some shit done. Jeff was gonna come down here and spent the weekend with me but HIS brakes were out on his car so that was a big NO as it is in the shop now. He gets it back today and we are all going out tonight to Lucky Strike. Should be fun.

Michael is here and he is devine. I think he is gonna be perfect living with us. I really like him and his mom and I hope he stays here for along ass time.

SO todays plan is to go tan and get animal food and thats about it. Wait for my man to get here and straighten up a bit. Its gonna be a great day!



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