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2:47 p.m. - March 08, 2004
Recap of sorts
I am so behind in writing today...Like hours...But it is kinda hard to sit down bhind the PC when you got a houseful of people.

Anyway thought I would recap the weekend and stuff.

So...friday I didnt do shit but I am by no means complainging, I had the day off from work cuz I knew I wouldnt be in any shape after thursday to go to work. I pretty much slept til 2, Got up and went tan then home and did nothing. Jeff didnt come over cuz the brakes on his car went kaput. (I know how that feels).

Now lemme touch on him as I am not sure I have. I met him mon MySpace and chatted, went to the my space party and met him there...spent that night with him and then sat and sunday and I think monday...he went with me to PBF and then I spent the night there and that puts us at the friday night i was just speaking of...

Saturday Jeff came down and he and I went with my new roomie and his mom, Soy Boy, D, Syovar and Chantel to the Block. We hung out at Lucky Strike Lanes hoping to bowl but nope didnt we walked around and stuff.

Sunday Jeff and Soyboy and D and I went to see Starsky And Hutch...funny as shit. Then Jeff and I went home and me and him, Michael, his mom and Syovar ate dinner and Jeff and I were gonna meet Gina and Chntel at Liquid Lounge...but it must been snowy weather cuz there were flakes a plenty. Yea Gina flaked. So I called chantel and told her to stay home since she wasnt feelin well...SJ was gonna go too but he passed out he said...uh huh...whateva.

It was okay tho cuz Jeff and I just stayed home and relaxed and spend some QT in bed together alone talking and watchin the tube and stuff.

I really like this guy. I think he is super and all my firneds think he is great for me. We will see whats up ..its only been a week..I am NOT gonna let myself get hurt again...even tho I see myself getting in over my head already. UGH

Just got a call from my roomie and he said my geetar came today!!!! YAY!! I cant wait to go home and see it.

Okayh so for now its monday and I am OUT.



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