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6:42 a.m. - March 09, 2004

I have training of some sort today. I dont wanna. However, it beats being treated like shit all day. Oh well cest la vie'.

I got my geetar yesterday and posted a bulletin on MySpace to get guys to play it. I think Jeff is coming down tonight to tune it and play it and sign it. Oh and incase ya wanna see is Torchy:

Okay so Michaels mom is gone. Sweet woman...Made us all insane tho. Would not shut up. I mean I talk alot but geesh.

Jeff kinda flipped out on me a bit last night...telling me he is still a bit scare of being hurt. Arent we all sweetie??? I mean seriously. Here is a wicked cool pic of him.

I wont hurt him...But I can see where he kinda gurls out a bit. And he has an insatiable sweet tooth...YIKES! I do adore him tho.

The whole gang called last night. Gina wants to go out just us this weekend. I dont know how that is gonna work but I am thinking I would rather it be me and her for the PBF concert next weekend. Ill call her today.

Well I better get ready, get set, go.



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