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6:13 a.m. - March 11, 2004
Rollin Along
Payday...GREAT. I cant believe I blew threw so much money so quickly. Cool thinG is that I do have something to show for it...A bad ass car...a jammin stereo...the ultimately decorated house and a rockin cool geetar. (which i intend to learn to play)

Jeff and I had a long discussion on the tele last night about me and him, distance and expectations. He is wicked guarded and insecure. I guess I am too in a way. His ex did some damage. I think that if we make it thru the next few weeks we will be fine. He just whines about the drive but he doesnt pay attention when I tell him where to go. And as far as me ...shit I had issues driving to work from Lake Forest when I was with the fuckin way I am comin home from LA...NO WAY. I just cant do it.

I think Gina and I are gonna go alone to PBF next friday and possibly alone to Liquid Lounge this sunday. I just need some gurl time and I am gonna tell him that. Also I am gonna go see SJ play friday night and take my geetar. I wanna...thats why I bought it. Ill go to hollywierd saturday with Jeff but friday I wanna go to Tuscany and do my thing. He can go or not. Its his choice. I really want him to meet the rest of the gang but who knows. Oh well we will see.

He said he was coming down tonight...and thats ALWAYS good.

I am still a bit bummed that Fixx isnt here. I really wanted that to happen but it just seems like all we did was talk...and we still do. I just dont have the cash to do it now. And I dont kow if I ever will have a grand to toss out again. ***sigh***

So I have to go to work and ignore Moc. I still cant believe the Slave Driver wants me to start talking. He is an idiot and doesnt get it. He thinks its that easy he is a fucked up individual. I am tired of talking about it.

There is this guy that has been working at our facility from Poway (San Diego) over the last few weeks for a day here and a day there. He is really nice. I asked him to go to lunch next week. Its just lunch. I think he could be fun to hang with thats all...NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING WITH HIM.

Well I guess I best get rocked out and ready for the day. UGH...but at least I have motivation...I get a check today.




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