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6:38 a.m. - March 12, 2004
Torchy Tour Day 1
Well good Fuckin Friday!!! Its a tweener weekend. Nothing HUGE going down. Layin low and watching time pass. Actually I dig it...YUP.

Picked up my pics from PBF yesterday. None of me and the band...But some good ones none the less. I am gonna prolly post them this afternoon at work after everyone jets. I can scan them quicker and the big boss is gone!!

Jeff came over and I cooked lasagne last night for him and Syovar and Michael. Soy Boy stopped by and we all drank wine and had a merry old time. Jeff rocks...

I am goin to see SJ play and get Mark and James to play the geetar. I need to go to Geetar Center and get a strap. Will do that after I tan.

SO I gotta have Slave Drive crawlin around all day. Hopefully it wont be oo painful.



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